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The Distracted Woman's Daybook (53)

Don't think I've done a Daybook since October.

New 'Daybook'Collapse )

Covering a lot of bases

This week's Friday Five are inspired by the first five tracks on this album. That makes for a motley collection of topics, but I'll give it a go.

Ready?Collapse )

Movin' right along

This week's Friday Five are on the theme of "movement," but mostly they're about music, so sit back and relax. I'll have a lot to say! Ready?

Let's move!Collapse )

A "Five" you can get behind

This (well, by now, last) week's Friday Five, cryptically entitled "My Dreams They Aren’t as Empty as My Conscience Seems to Be," all seem to feature behind-ness in some way. That fits, since i am behind in answering them, having been out of town all weekend.

Enjoy!Collapse )

On the other hand ...

This week's Friday Five are about ... well, gosh, I'm not sure *how* to sum up the theme! In each question, you're being asked to look at something twice. The question-master titled the set "There and back," but I think that might be misleadingly hobbit-y. See what you think.

Click!Collapse )

New Years Meme 2018

And now, as my remaining long-time reader has been waiting for, it's the end-of-2018 edition of that New Year's meme that I've been filling out every year for longer than I can prove (some posts having disappeared in the Purge of Aught-ten). Over the years, I've added one or two prompts to the question set, and I've deleted others for which I could never, ever think of an answer). See if you can spot this year's addition.

Ready to wrap up a year? Here goes!Collapse )

The end is nigh ...

This week's Friday Five calls for comments on Last Things. Here are mine.

Click!Collapse )

'Tis a puzzlement

That I've done this week's Friday Five must mean I have turned in this semester's grades. Hooray!

More...Collapse )

Holiday Mix

This week's Friday Five is titled "I Spy," but I'm not sure about the theme. Eye-catching things?

See what you think...Collapse )

Totally tubular

Potato, po-tah-to; any way you slice it, this week's Friday Five went up too late for me to post yesterday. Here, a day late, are the starchy questions and my responses:

Ready?Collapse )


"Poetry and Hums aren't things which you get, they're things which get you. And all you can do is go where they can find you." -- Winnie the Pooh (A.A. Milne)

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