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Scattergories (part 8)

So here's one more catch-up Friday Five post, and I promise it'll be my last. About a month ago, the site's latest edition of Scattergories came out. I've played in the past and was ready to play this time, to the extent that I even went to the random-letter site and metaphorically rolled the die. But I never finished my post, the only draft of which was finally lost during an unexpected system update (does your computer do that? Mine sometimes just decides it's shutting down "in 30 seconds," and if I happen to be away from the screen at the moment, all my open programs close without my being able to save).

So I'm trying again. I rolled a W, which turned out to be an easy letter. Ready?Collapse )

The Road to You-Know-Where

Two weeks ago, the Friday Five were all about good intentions. I meant to post responses, but, well, you know how that goes. Here is my belated attempt:

1. What are some titles in your to-read stack?
The Brothers Karamazov is my great white whale. I also have a bunch of Sherlock Holmes pastiches, including two by a friend, that I've been meaning to dip into. Finally, I recently discovered contemporary novelist Stephen McCauley, and I'm currently meandering through his back catalog.

2. What are the highlights of this weekend's to-do list?
Somehow finish decluttering enough to move my son's things into the house (Number Two is moving back home in advance of his September wedding). I don't mind telling you that I have already reduced five rooms' worth of Hoarders-level clutter (mostly paper) to something quite respectable. Three rooms to go!

3. Which current or upcoming movies are you looking forward to?
I still haven't seen Solo, not to mention the latest Marvel offering (Ant Man II). But I did catch the Mr. Rogers flick, because I have priorities (and it was wonderful).

4. What's something you meant to do this past week that will have to wait until next week?
Hire a dumpster for the decluttering. Also, take some books from the discard pile to the Baltimore Book Thing.

5. What's an unfinished project (unrelated to media consumption) you haven't touched in at least a year?
Organizing the music at church. We made a dent two years ago, but my heart wasn't in it. Now that I've done my house, it will be.

Go nuts

Almost three weeks ago, the Friday Five was all about nuts and berries. I started a post and got distracted before finishing; today, I logged in here and found the draft. For what it's now worth, I present my responses.

Here goes!Collapse )


I hate to talk in stereotypes, but the topic of this week's Friday Five, "Gear," strikes me as more of a "guy thing" than a "girl thing," at least for people of my generation. Or, okay, maybe it's simply an individual thing, but the facts are (1) I am not at all into tools and gear and doo-dads in themselves. And (2) because my erstwhile spouse is the 180-degree opposite, when we were together I got decades' worth of daily reinforcement of the already-culturally-induced belief that this is a gender-associated trait. (The '90s sitcom Home Improvement really resonated in this house.) Don't get me wrong: I'm sure you could make a workshop or factory tour interesting to me, but I'd only covet the tools if I decided I really wanted to produce whatever it is that they are used to make. And even then, all things equal, I'd be content to rent or lease workshop space and the use of someone else's tools.

All that said, I actually had answers for this week's questions, so if you're ready, gear up and read on. Click!Collapse )

Opposite Day (Foodie Edition)

I've been busy, but I'm back for a Friday Five. Today's questions ask how I like my meals when I'm feeling contrary.

Ready? Bon appétit!Collapse )

Why, I oughta--

Someone's a little punchy over at the Friday Five this week. Here are my answers to his fistful of questions.

Click!Collapse )

School daze

It's graduation season, and this week's Friday Five reflect that fact.

Click for moreCollapse )


This week's Friday Five want to know what sorts of things get my goat. Here are a few.

Ready? Click!Collapse )

Returning to the fold

I missed last week's Friday Five, but I've managed to find a few spare moments for this week's edition. The topic is "folding," and, once again, I'm curious as to what might have inspired it.

To the extent that "folding" is a species of neatness, it's not really my thing these days. I'm pretty good at the culinary kind, though, and also the metaphorical kind (my sons and students find me pretty easy). But let's see what he asks.

Ready? Click!Collapse )


This week's Friday Five are inspired by Warner Bros.' Looney Tunes. I grew up watching them back when they were a staple of kids' programming on both network TV (Saturday a.m.) and various local stations (before & after school, which is often when you got to see the stranger and/or more politically incorrect cartoons). We're talking about the original theatrical shorts made in the 1940s-60s, BTW: none of the modern re-visitations of the characters ("Baby Looney Tunes," "Tiny Tune Adventures," "Space Jam," etc.) existed until I was well into adulthood.

Ready?Collapse )


"Poetry and Hums aren't things which you get, they're things which get you. And all you can do is go where they can find you." -- Winnie the Pooh (A.A. Milne)

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