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This week's Friday Five want to know what sorts of things get my goat. Here are a few.

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Returning to the fold

I missed last week's Friday Five, but I've managed to find a few spare moments for this week's edition. The topic is "folding," and, once again, I'm curious as to what might have inspired it.

To the extent that "folding" is a species of neatness, it's not really my thing these days. I'm pretty good at the culinary kind, though, and also the metaphorical kind (my sons and students find me pretty easy). But let's see what he asks.

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This week's Friday Five are inspired by Warner Bros.' Looney Tunes. I grew up watching them back when they were a staple of kids' programming on both network TV (Saturday a.m.) and various local stations (before & after school, which is often when you got to see the stranger and/or more politically incorrect cartoons). We're talking about the original theatrical shorts made in the 1940s-60s, BTW: none of the modern re-visitations of the characters ("Baby Looney Tunes," "Tiny Tune Adventures," "Space Jam," etc.) existed until I was well into adulthood.

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Another Friday Five on a subject -- this time, fear -- that is not my forte. Nevertheless, I bravely soldier into the fray of the questions.

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Today's Friday Five are all about trash, and I am all kinds of curious as to what might have prompted the question-master, Sir scrivener, to propose such a topic. As you'll soon see, I don't have any profound wisdom where refuse is concerned, but I'll play anyway.

First, however, I would like to share my favorite song on the subject. It is sung by one of my favorite Muppets, and it was written just for him.

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In the center ring . . .

Yesterday's Friday Five were inspired by the movie The Greatest Showman, which I haven't yet seen. Still, I'll give it a go.

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A matter of taste

Today's Friday Five ask...

1. What's something you enjoy that contains garlic?
Pesto sauce. I also like me some garlic bread -- or at least I used to, back when I ate bread.

2. What's something you enjoy that contains ginger?
Gingerbread was a favorite in my carbohydrate-soaked younger days. But I like ginger in Chinese stir-fries, too.

Not a fan of gingersnaps or ginger ale, though.

3. What's something you enjoy that contains cloves?
Can I say Clove chewing gum? It's off the market now, but I used to like it back when you could buy it.

The only recipe I make that uses cloves is Hungarian Goulash. We're talking a very simple version with just beef, onions, broth, paprika, pepper, bay leaf, and the cloves, plus flour to thicken and a little oil in which to saute the onions and brown the beef cubes. [Note the utter absence of tomato.] It was the Man's family's recipe and became mine, too. The older I get, the more cloves I allow myself to add to the pot (it was originally three, but I'm up to twelve), so I guess I like them!

4. What's something you enjoy that contains cinnamon?
Apple pie (crumble, crisp, cobbler, etc. -- basically, anything apple. I drop a cinnamon stick in my apple cider, even). And there was a time (alluded to twice above) when I would not say no to cinnamon toast, either.

5. What's something you enjoy that contains celery?
Stuffing, which is (alas) still one of my most favoritest things, even now that I have supposedly turned over a new dietary leaf. But, hey, when I'm trying to behave, you can just give me a rib of celery to eat by itself. I actually enjoy it, even without peanut butter or a savory dip.

It's not whether you win or lose

... it's whether you post the Friday Five before the weekend's over. This week's are all about games. Click!Collapse )

The Distracted Woman's Daybook (50)

Wow, it's been exactly SIX months since I last did one of these. And given that this one is the big number 5-0 in the series, I'm kinda surprised that I wasn't motivated to do it sooner. Never mind; it's here now.

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Goin' to the dogs

I'm tardy again, but, in my defense, this week's Friday Five went up late, too. The questions were doggoned difficult, and my answers are so short (for me) that I'm not sure I need to put them behind a cut-tag (but I will).

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