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The Friday Five for Sept. 3 asked about the week that had then just ended -- i.e., from my current vantage point of the wee hours of Labor Day Monday, "last week." Here are my answers.

1. What did you do too much of this last week?
TV bingeing. I mean, I probably didn't set any bingeing records, but school started last week, and the first week of school is always chock full of obligations for me to fulfill. Don't know how I thought consuming multiple episodes of Columbo, Star Trek: Lower Decks, Marvel: What If ..., and Bergerac in a series of sittings would help me get them done.

2. What did you not do enough of this last week?
Sleep. I have not quite switched over from my summer sleep schedule (in which bedtime = "eh, whenever"), but now I have to get up early and commute.

3. What surprised you this last week?
Class participation -- I started my classes, and people participated!

Also, Texas. But that one wasn't a good surprise. And it probably should not have come as a surprise at all.

4. What elated you this last week?
That class participation! Also, two new recruits showed up to church handbell choir practice on Thursday (I direct the bells, and the group had been getting pretty tiny even before COVID). For that matter, some new recruits promised to come to choir practice on Wednesday (I also direct the choir, and it, too, was shrinking even before COVID). However, the hurricane-remnant storm killed that practice session ... but the new singers all informed me that they'd try to come next week.

5. What happened this last week that'll lead to something good next this week?
Those promises from the potential new choir members. Also, after weeks without being able to find it on their shelves, I scored some Trader Joe's meatloaf (the "traditional" one, of which I am a fan) on Friday. That means several yummy servings over the next 4-5 days (hey; I live alone. You buy something; you eat it till it's done).
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