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Scattergories (part 11)

I am just getting around to checking on the Friday Five -- yeah, the entry for three days ago -- and what do you know? It's "Scattergories" time!

You are probably familiar with the game IRL, and the online version is about the same: go to the random letter generator, set the letter sequence length to "1," and click. Then answer the week's questions, beginning each answer with your assigned letter. I've played on this blog in the past.

This year I rolled E, which turned out to be a challenging letter. Ready?

2021's questions
1. What's something that recently exceeded your expectations?
Last week I emceed* an online conference that I'd also organized. Seven speakers, 100 attendees, and only one other person to help with behind-the-scenes admin functions (admitting folks from the waiting room, muting them when necessary, etc.). Also, one speaker was a celebrity who was really doing our little event a favor, so I wanted him to feel it had been worth his time (though -- and I'm not just saying this -- I worry about that aspect of it for every speaker at any event I organize). Anyhow, I was super-nervous, not least that my usually-reliable-but-not-perfect internet service would kick me off right in the middle of making some announcement or introducing a speaker ... but the whole thing ended up going really well!

* It's a real verb; I looked it up.

2. What snack from your childhood would you love to have right now?
English muffin pizzas. They were a favorite snack in our house for a good stretch of my upper childhood (into adolescence), and I associate them with my mom. Our recipe: toast a split English muffin in the toaster, spread nooks-and-crannies sides with tomato paste (straight from the can, baby), artfully (oh, there was an art to it!) sprinkle on oregano (we usually kept the ground powder kind) and garlic salt, top with muenster or mozzarella (usually the former, sliced right off a block), and toast in toaster oven till bubbly. Gosh, those were happy days. Mom was young and healthy (it was before her car accident), and life was safe and utterly anxiety-free.

I'm sorry, were we talking about snacks?

3. What ailment do you suffer from?
Sorry, body-positive friends, but I am going to say "endomorphia." You know, from those three body types on the old poster? Ectomorphs are naturally skinny types, mesomorphs have the classic medium build, and we endomorphs are naturally, er, fluffy. We have an easy time gaining weight and a hard time losing fat, tend to be slower of metabolism and rounder of physique, and can be (as I am) shorter than average. Let the weight-related complications begin! I've yet to find a nutritional program that works for me, but half the internet thinks it knows.

4. Which musical artist would be fun to hang out with?
Fun? I don't think I could answer this question even with the whole of the alphabet at my disposal, so I don't have a special answer for the letter E. But, okay, if by "hang out" you will allow me to mean "jam," then I'll take Emmylou Harris, whose collaborations with Linda Ronstadt & Dolly Parton have recently been big in my playlist. We could sing duets!

5. What's something you’re looking forward to this weekend week?
The weekend having already happened, I'll say that this *week* I am looking forward to eating out with a friend. An ectomorphic friend. *sigh*

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