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Spring Session M

This week's Friday Five share a title with a 1982 album by a band I'd never heard of called "Missing Persons" (the album's name is an anagram of the band's). Since the week's questions are all about words, I assume that the link to the album is that its ninth track (per Wikipedia) is called, um, "Words." The lyrics of that song (i.e., the words to "Words") don't suggest the specific questions in this set, but they do contain the terrific line, "What are words for when no one listens anymore?"

And now, without further ado, my answers.

1. What word do you love the sound of?
Exquisite. To me, it sounds like what it means. I love this word so much that I ration my use of it (not that ordinary life provides too many occasions to use it without exaggeration).

2. What word do you hate the sound of?
Screw. It's an uneuphonious syllable, and the fact that it is an ugly (IMO, anyhow) metaphor for what it usually signifies actually affects the way I hear it. Unless the context is hardware, the word makes me wince.

3. What word do you always have to look up because you can’t remember how to spell it correctly?
  • Weird. No, wait; "wierd."   *looks it up*   Okay, "weird."
  • Also, niece. Er, I mean, "neice."   *looks it up*   Yeah, "niece." (And it's no good telling me to just remember that i comes before e, because see "weird," above.)

4. What are some individual words to describe this past week?
  • hot
  • slow
  • unproductive

5. What’s a word you know that many people don’t?
I don't expect other "word persons" to be unfamiliar with these, but here, off the top of my head, are a few non-everyday words that I have been caught using:
  • amanuensis
  • antepenultimate
  • sesquipedalian
  • quintessence
  • epistemological
  • eschatology
  • hemiola

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