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The Distracted Woman's Daybook (58)

Ooh, it is a little past time for the mid-year edition of what's become a twice-a-year feature of the blog:

The Distracted Woman's Daybook
(idea based on one by Peggy Hostetler; concept revision by Angie Brennan; other changes are mine)

my 'Mad Men Yourself' iconIn my front yard... the grass is trimmed, thanks to the efforts of Number Three Son, who -- unlike his brothers before him -- actually considers the chore "his" while he's the the technical "man of the house." It's funny: I always wished the other two (when they were teens and living here) would take that attitude, and not because I'm sexist to the point of considering it "man's work," nor even (though I've been accused of it) because I felt "owed" a certain amount help from my dependents. Rather, it was because, as someone who tried to raise them to be compassionate and grateful and helpful toward the world in general, I was disappointed that they were not sufficiently chivalrous to want to do a good turn for their sad-sack, middle-aged mom. However, now that I have a son who doesn't wait to be asked and who even seems a little invested in the chore, I am a bit baffled by what feels like his unduly decent behavior.

Around the house... I have been tidying my various display areas. Like that of many females of a certain age, my decorating "style" includes liberal use of knick-knacks (only the joy-sparking kind, I hasten to add). About a month ago, I decided that maintaining my little mantle and window sill clusters of silly-but-cherished objects would not be incompatible with my ongoing project of reducing the general household clutter, provided that I could organize the displays a little better. So I bought some acrylic pedestals, and what a difference it's made to my little rows of keepsakes!

In the kitchen... I made an ever-so big pot of chili last week. Now, I love chili, but among my family members, only the Man and Number One Son ever shared that fondness, so making a big pot these days means eating a big pot all by myself. Since I am still weight-watching, however, I portioned it into single-serve freezer bags so that I could ration it responsibly... and I've consumed a bag every day. My digestion is getting a workout (beans!), but when you're in the mood for something and you can make it, you make it.

I am pondering... everything. Seriously, there is not one thing I don't ponder. But I imagine the prompt was looking for a narrower response, so how about "climate change"? Between it and violent world leaders with nukes, I don't rate my grandchildren's (yes; it's plural now) chances of an easy life (or even a long one) very highly. Since by "easy" life, I clearly mean something that grandparents in less prosperous/developed parts of the world already couldn't routinely hope for for their grandchildren, this is probably a cosmically just situation. But that doesn't make me feel any better about the thought of my little guys eventually struggling in a way that I've never had to do.

Also, billionaires in space. In the light of the extra-special mess the world's in these days, I just can't get excited about it... though I'll admit that it was clever of Mr. Bezos to include Wally Funk among his crew. For a second there, Jeff, you almost had me.

Also, marriage and divorce. I was unaccountably sad about the Bill & Melinda Gates split, and downright heartbroken over the choice of John Mulaney (one of my very favorite celebs) to leave his wife right after rehab. I've got to stop personally investing in famous people... or any people. Did I learn nothing from my own marriage?

I am hoping... that I'm at least a little bit wrong about my grandsons' chances of not eventually living in a post-apocalyptic hell-scape of a world.

I am learning... about editing a book. Technically, this should be past tense, since the ms. I co-edited has been submitted. What I learned, incidentally, is that I am a pretty good editor, which kind of makes sense in the light of my long career correcting college writing. It was a pleasure, after three decades of practice, to finally apply the skill to (mostly) already-superior writing that was nevertheless improvable.

I am thankful for... my family. I find that I care about little else these days.

I am wearing... pajamas. Hey, no judging. I worked (kinda) at home all day, and anyhow, I'm a teacher and it's summer.

I am creating... more Sherlockian parody songs. I went for most of 2020 without writing any, but in just the Spring semester of 2021 I did five or six, all of them reckoned to be good by those who care about that sort of thing (including me). I am definitely on a roll.

I am going... to take Number Three Son and a friend to a (real-live, in-person, Major-league) baseball game this week. Can't wait. I should be more nervous about it given the newly rising COVID numbers, but I am vaccinated and I'll take a mask. Also, the recent fortunes of the local team make it unlikely that there will be shoulder-to-shoulder crowds in the stands. I certainly had an easy time obtaining seats at my preferred price level!

I am reading... actual fiction. Right now, I'm enjoying The Last Policeman (2012), first book in a mystery trilogy. Think Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (also 2012), but with a homicide detective as protagonist.

I've been watching... Columbo. The show & character have been a part of my consciousness since the series began in 1971, but I can't honestly say that I watched too many whole episodes when they ran originally. I was too young to be deeply interested during the show's initial seasons, and too busy with grad school and early marriage to make time for much weeknight TV when it was revived later. But I'm bingeing now, and I must say it holds up (the earlier eps. slightly better than the final/21st-C. ones, interestingly).

Also on the teevee, I've found my way to Hallmark's about-to-conclude show Good Witch. Although it's super-Hallmark-y and therefore not something I'd've considered my scene, I decided to give it a chance when my best friend said she enjoyed it. And she's right; it's pretty enjoyable (and utterly undemanding). The same part of me that liked Jane the Virgin and Drop Dead Diva likes this.

I've been listening to... my Spotify playlists, of which I've made two more since I last posted about them. "Recovery Music" includes some of my favorite female voices and was supposed to be my playlist for re-emerging from quarantine, while "Max Raabe & the Palast Orchester" is just what it sounds like (and is twice as long as my other lists; go figure).

One of my favorite things... is live performances. The BFF and I saw Chesapeake Shakespeare's comic adaptation of Pericles (billed as "family friendly" and re-dubbed The Adventures of Pericles) a couple weeks ago and had a great time. It was held outdoors, which was safer from a COVID standpoint, if risky from a rain standpoint (and we did get a little wet, but the show went on). Anyhow, I am ready for more live performances (indoors, please!), and am therefore angry at all the unvaccinated people who are incubating that Delta variant and ruining things for the rest of us. Grrrr.

I am looking forward to... Number One Son's semi-annual visit. Just a few more weeks!

My plans for the rest of the week... include trying to de-clutter some untidy hot-spots in advance of One's visit. It's mostly the usual suspects: the laundry room floor, my one kitchen counter of doom, and the bathroom counter.

A quote for today... "Your children are your rainbows and your grandchildren are your pot of gold." -- Unknown

Here is a picture I am sharing with you... of my grandsons, back when the newer one was very new.


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