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Every family has one

This week's Friday Five is called "Every family has one," and it asks for a few of my un-favorite things.

1. Who's the nastiest flavor in the ice cream parlor?
It feels like cheating to pick a savory flavor (crab? garlic? both exist!) off some exotic ice cream parlor's menu, so I'll stick to flavors regarded by people from my part of the globe as standard offerings. And my choice is ... coffee. I like coffee to drink, but coffee ice cream, to me, tastes like tobacco smells (stale and burnt). Yuck.

2. Which item in the produce aisle is most likely to spoil the party?
Arugula recently spoiled a dish for me, but there are worse veggies -- Brussels sprouts, for instance.

3. What's the most embarrassing song by your favorite musician or band?
A category of embarrassing that I run across often -- because I love opera and am open to cross-over stuff -- is "opera singers bludgeoning pop ballads." Some can subdue their gigantic voices and pull it off, but many cannot. Remember that West Side Story album with Kiri Te Kanawa and Jose Carreras?

4. Which part of your body is always in trouble?
For the last year, my right leg has plagued me nearly constantly.

5. What's the worst film in your favorite actor's filmography?
I don't have a single favorite actor, but Hugh Grant is one that I've been rather partial to for some time -- I mean, I was a fan even before Four Weddings. But I'm the first to admit that he's got some stinkers in his catalog, starting with his commercial American debut movie, Nine Months (and also including a film I dislike even more, Love Actually ... but let's not get me started).
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