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It's Scattergories week at the Friday Five. Apparently, this question set is the tenth in the annual-ish series, and as I check my archive, I see that I've done eight of the previous nine (I answered sets 1-5 in 2015, sets 6 & 7 in 2017, and set 8 in 2018.

That means I missed last year's set, so I'm going to do it in this post as well. First, though, it's off to the random letter generator (set sequence length to "1"), where I have rolled ... an O! So here goes.

2020's questions
1. What's something in your pantry beginning with the letter?
Oatmeal, and lots of it. I've got steel-cut oats, rolled oats (in the cylindrical box with the Quaker on it), and a bunch of those instant packets.

2. What's something in your car, beginning with the letter?
Does the odometer count? I mean, it's definitely a feature of the car, but I'm not sure it's a *thing*, per se. More like a computer reading/digital display. But it *does* start with O.

3. What's something you miss, beginning with the letter?
The office, and I'm not talking about a TV show. I miss going in to work and doing my work there, around other people.

4. What's a character trait you admire but lack, beginning with the letter?
Orderliness. It's a clunky word, but anyone who knows me would vouch that it's a perfect answer.

5. What's a regular inconvenience, beginning with the letter?
Ummm.... How about odors? After all, my housemate *is* a teenage boy. :-) We should buy stock in Febreze.

2019's questions:
1. What beverage do you enjoy but seldom have?
Orange juice. It's delicious and more-or-less nutritious, but there are sooo many calories in a grown-up-sized glass! I have to watch calories and sugars (even natural sugars), and one way I do that is almost never to drink them. So OJ is a treat.

2. What's better now than when you were a kid?
Orthodontia. There are way more options -- starting with clear braces (not the same as Invisalign, but that's yet another alternative), which I'd've loved when I finally got mine as an older "kid."

3. Who makes you happy?
The letter restriction means I have to pick a celebrity (well, a person I don't know personally) ... and it turns out it's not that hard. If I need to smile on a typical news day, I just think back on Barak Obama, and then imagine his magically becoming President again.

4. Where do you go when you want to indulge?
I don't have just *one* go-to indulgence, but I suppose if I really wanted to treat myself (while complying with the "letter O" rule), I might go to the opera. Since the demise of the Baltimore Opera, it's mostly semi-staged performances in my town, and those can be great. But we're indulging here, so I guess that means traveling at least to Washington, D.C. and paying for an appropriately grand production in a big hall.

5. Where's a comfy place to sit?
At my age, there are not many such places. Add in the restriction of starting with the letter O, and the list dwindles to ... nothing. (Sorry, but I can't afford an office chair that would be seriously comfy, and my ottoman-sitting days ended in childhood.) I'm afraid I shall have to cheat and say "on the couch." My couches -- the ones purchased *for* me, *by* me, after the Man's defection -- are super-comfy. And every seat reclines.
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