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Cease and desist

This week's Friday Five are entitled "Can’t Stop Won’t Stop." I'm guessing that's a musical reference -- which, being me, I can't identify. I *do* get the intended theme, though: habitual behavior. Here's some of mine.

1. What's a snack item you have difficulty eating in moderation?
All of them. (rimshot)  But if I have to single out something, how about hummus & chips? You know how people who ought to know better will often compare addictive foods to "crack," even though they've never done crack? Well, hummus is in that category for me; I am embarrassed to say that I've compared it to crack on more than one occasion, possibly in an attempt to explain that, no, my behavior wasn't part of a campaign to get my picture in the dictionary next to the word "devour." Pair an ordinary-sized container of good hummus with any neutral dippers (I prefer plain lentil chips), and I can keep going till I have to run my finger along the bottom of that container to get the dregs. Oh, I'll share if you're there and you want some. But I won't stop till it's all gone.

2. What's a verbal habit you'd like to break?
So, lately I've been starting a lot of sentences with "so" (sometimes followed by a comma, sometimes not). I know it's grammatically iffy, and I know it annoys others (not all others, but some of the complainers are people I respect). So I'd like to stop. (Was that "so" okay? It was a "therefore"-type, which I think are less egregious.) It's hard, though, and the harsher critics (mostly to be found in my Facebook feed) can make me defensive.

3. What have you removed from your life after some struggle to do so?
House clutter, and a lot of it. But there's still more to go.

4. Where do you go just because you've always gone there?

No, that's not strictly true. But with my kids almost raised and me commencing what could be my final decades of mobility and health, I often wonder what I'd do with my Sunday mornings if money were not an issue and I didn't *have* to have a music ministry job. It gets harder and harder to look forward to services when I don't feel 100% at home in my denomination. But I'm so theologically mixed up (loving traditional expressions of faith, hating fundamentalism) that I'd have a hard time finding *any* church that I really fit into. And yet, I can't imagine, after a lifetime's association with Christianity, not continuing.

5. What's something you hope continues forever?
Well, nothing continues forever, and few things last even a lifetime. I would, however, hope that my good relationship with my kids might continue for the rest of my life.
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