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Cook's tour

This week's Friday Five have the theme "Continental Breakfast." The questions cover the five inhabited continents outside the one I live on, making for a whirlwind tour of the planet through my eyes. Of course, I'm two days late, so my eyes may be the only ones that ever see this, but whatever!

1. When did you last enjoy some Asian cuisine?
A week ago, Number Two Son, my daughter-in-law, and I ordered Indian. I've never been to India, so I'm not in a position to vouch for the authenticity of the offerings at India Garden, but we thoroughly enjoyed what we ordered. I got Chicken Nilgiri Korma (here's a recipe), a switch from my usual vegetarian choices.

2. What's something you'd like to do in South America?
The best-known tourist-y things (Machu Picchu, Carnival in Rio, etc.) all seem a bit terrifying. Maybe go to Buenos Aires and see an authentic tango?

3. What's a popular tourist thing in Europe you have very little interest in?
Umm ... umm ... I feel like I could be talked into a lot of things in Europe (and, indeed, I have been). It is more or less my jam. Still, I think I would take a hard pass on the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona.

4. Which of Australia's strange animals do you find most fascinating or adorable?
Koalas are the most adorable, of course. The most fascinating would be the platypus, which, to hear it described, sounds like something made up for an April Fools joke. But if I ever visit Australia, it will be in spite of, not for the sake of, the wildlife.

5. What's something interesting you just learned about Africa?
I actually went to Google right now and searched on "facts about Africa" so I could have a fresh answer to this question. I was a bit surprised to discover that there are a billion people in Africa and that Islam is the majority religion. But the "most interesting" fact? I guess that the largest, tallest, *and* fastest animals on earth are all native to Africa, and yet the deadliest animal there (in terms of causing human deaths) is the mosquito.
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