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This week's Friday Five are all about impressions.

1. What's something dumb you've done to impress someone?
Pretended to like a TV show I'd never even watched. Oh, wait, that wasn't to impress anyone; it was to fit in with a group of someones (circa 1990, and no, I won't name the TV show). For the record, I failed on both counts -- that is, I was unconvincing as a fan of the series (I sounded vague and dumb, even to myself), and I never became part of that group (who'd've been lucky to have me, but that's how life goes sometimes).

Hmm, impress, impress ... You know, while I know I've *hoped* to impress various people at various times, I don't think I have ever done anything *dumb* in an attempt to make it happen. Sure, I crave approval and don't mind attention, but I also have a healthy horror of the wrong kind of conspicuousness. There are one or three things I can do (sight-read piano music, sing, run a Jeopardy! board, decorate a cake bakery-style, be somewhat funny) that are mildly impressive to the right crowd; and if the opportunity arises, I'll do them. Otherwise, I bide my time and settle for fitting in.

2. Who has recently impressed you?
That Mayor Pete Buttigieg. He hasn't made a major misstep yet, as far as I'm concerned. (Of course, there's still plenty of time.) I was hoping not to have to vote for a white guy this time, but for him I might make an exception.

3. In what ways are people’s first impressions of you typically right or wrong?
I don't know exactly what kind of first impression vibe I give off. I suspect, however, that I come across as an overwhelmingly square nerd-type, which is exactly what I am, so anyone who picks up on it has got an accurate impression. If they assume I'm no fun, though, they're dead wrong. I may be old and tired and out of touch, but I am game.

4. When has someone been overly impressed by you?
My second therapist, the one who took over when my first guy had to retire on a dime last year to spend time with his suddenly critically ill wife, was way too impressed by me. Don't get me wrong; some of the things she made no secret of finding admirable (mainly to do with my generous attitude toward the Man) are things I've worked hard to achieve and actually admire in myself. But I don't need a therapist to pat me on the back for my good points. I want one who will hold me accountable for the progress I *haven't* made, hopefully en route to helping me make said progress.

I only saw her a few times before deciding I'd gotten all I was going to get from this chapter of therapy.

5. What’s a character trait people are generally not impressed enough by?
In general, not to do with me in particular? Hmmm ... I think loyalty and consistency are undervalued, probably because they invite us to take them for granted. Also, good grammar and articulateness (articulacy?), which can actually get one mocked in a lot of settings (though I myself tend to equate them with superior personhood, right up until the second that the person in question makes it impossible for me to sustain that belief).

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