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Old hat

This week's Friday Five ask one to rate herself on the cliché scale. My answers are so (unusually) succinct that I hardly see the need to hide them behind a cut tag.


1. When you were packed in tighter than a can of sardines?
I'm sure the best answer is "some time on a subway," but since I can't think of a *specific* crowded ride to reminisce about, I'll choose something different. Just this past Friday night, I was at a Sherlockian dinner. We were sixty people at long tables set up for ... exactly sixty. To say that it was "cozy" does not go far enough, but I wisely chose a seat on the end, so I wasn't as squished as some of the others.

2. When are you cool as a cucumber?
I'm pretty cool in most musical situations (which may mean that I'm a decent musician, but probably just indicates that I know not to get in over my head). For example, I performed a musical toast at the aforementioned dinner Friday night and wasn't even nervous.

3. When were you most recently happy as a clam?
Probably the last time I was in New York by myself ... so, October 2018. I believe that on that day I went to the Frick and to the Jewish Museum, eating here. Great day -- I am getting clam-levels of happy vibes just thinking about it.

4. What's as slippery as an eel?
That would be one of the cats currently sharing space with me. I open a door a crack, and he slithers through it, looking for mischief in whatever forbidden room it might be.

5. When are you as tough as nails?
I'm not tough. I mean, sure, I'm a survivor, but that probably has more to do with being very absorbent (if you will) than with possessing actual toughness. I don't have any armor, so things definitely don't bounce off me. And I can't always "give as good as I get." Thus, I'd say that my ability to endure things, to the extent that I have it, is better attributed to a talent for suffering than to anything approaching toughness.
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