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Yesterday's Friday Five are a mixed bag of "icebreaker"-type questions of the sort that the estimable scrivener (FF question-master and occasional commenter here) uses to get to know co-workers and friends.

Want to get to know me better? Then, here goes.

1. What kind of drunk are you?
A cute -- nay, adorable -- one.

Okay, so I don't actually ever get properly drunk, but I have gotten a bit tipsy at the odd post-concert party or faculty do. When under the influence of that extra glass or three of wine, I'm still aware of what I'm doing and saying, but in a more after-the-fact sort of way: the inner censor who usually scripts all my behavior a few seconds before it happens just can't quite keep up with things. As a result, though as mild-mannered as ever, Tipsy Me is funnier and (even) more confessional, she skates with daredevil speed along the narrow & twisting lanes of free association (there is the occasional crash), her consonants aren't as NPR-precise, and she talks in run-on sentences whose gleefully convoluted grammar is still probably diagrammable. I'm somehow not trying as hard, yet people seem to enjoy me more (or maybe it's the contrast from my ordinary self that they're enjoying; hard to say). And I'm never sad later.

Of course, for a truer answer, you'd have to ask someone who's been with me when it's happened. Maybe I'm not as entertaining to others as I am to myself.

2. What's one of your language-related pet peeves?
In the spirit of the question set, I should share my go-to answer for this question, viz., "using 'comprise' for 'compose.'" Look, I have almost been talked into accepting "they" as a singular pronoun, and if you knew me well you would know what a profound admission that was ... but the Rockies will crumble and Gibraltar will tumble before I green-light the phrase "is comprised of."

3. What would be a good question to ask people you've just met, if what you really want to know is what they're passionate about? You know, an alternative to "What do you do?" or "How do you know so-and-so?"
I suppose "Do you have any hobbies?" or "What are your hobbies?" would work. It's kind of on the nose, though. I think I'm more likely to ask a seasonal question that gives the person a chance reveal some of his or her tastes. In the summer, it might be, "Will you take a vacation this year?" You can learn a lot about the heart of a person from his or her choice of holiday. Or, over the course of the next few weeks, it might be, "So what/who do you think will win the Oscar?" Even a person who didn't care much for films might just tell me that, and then we could go down the books or TV route instead.

4. When you get home super tired and super hungry, do you usually eat first or sleep first?
If I am super-tired and sit down for even a second, no matter what I was thinking dinner-wise, the choice makes itself. But if I make it as far as the kitchen, I'll always eat a little something first. Not surprisingly, a doctor would pronounce me over-fed and under-rested.

5. You're taking an exam. You aren't sure about the answer to question 5, but you know it's either "lions" or "tigers." You get to question 11 and realize whatever the answer to 5 is, 11 is the other answer. Do you write "lions" as your answer to both 5 and 11, thereby ensuring you'll get one of them right? Or do you write "lions" for 5 and "tigers" for 11, risking two wrong answers but giving you a chance at two right ones?
I never use probability like that when taking a test (well, I never used to do, back when I took tests). Mind you, I'm not saying it would be a bad idea; just that it wouldn't occur to me on my own to do it that way, and even now that I see it suggested, I know I couldn't do so authentically. I'm simply not that person, and the person I am would always cogitate hard and then make what seemed to be the most likely assignment of the respective answers.

Apropos nothing, I saw Mary Poppins Returns at the cinema again today. That makes five times, and I'd go again in a week if it were still playing somewhere. What is wrong with me?
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