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The Distracted Woman's Daybook (53)

Don't think I've done a Daybook since October.

The Distracted Woman's Daybook
(idea based on one by Peggy Hostetler; concept revision by Angie Brennan; other changes are mine)

my 'Mad Men Yourself' iconIn my front yard... the ground is frozen. Meanwhile, the bit of the street right in front of our driveway is a sheet of pure black ice.

Around the house... the decluttering has stalled, so Number Two Son has started playing Marie Kondo episodes to inspire me.

In the kitchen... Two and Spouse have been using their Instant Pot a lot. Their meals are quick to make and yummy to smell, so much so that I am almost tempted to purchase a pot for myself. Then I remember that, where culinary matters are concerned, I live alone (because Number Three eats like a toddler). Preparing my food a pot-full at a time just doesn't make sense.

I am pondering... affect and imagination, and how weird and mysterious the individual response to art is. Sometimes a thing just gets under your skin and brings you joy, and you can't explain it purely in terms of artistic worthiness (though the piece may well have merit).

Not unrelatedly, I have now seen Mary Poppins Returns four times. The kids only know about two of them.

I am hoping... that I don't have any more classes canceled this week. These cold-weather late starts & early dismissals are no way to start a college semester.

I am learning... about street lights in 1930s London. My initial impression was that the occupation -- viz., lamplighter -- of the Lin-Manuel Miranda character in Mary Poppins Returns seemed anachronistic for a movie set in the 1930s, but this article informed me I was wrong.

I am thankful for... the heat pumps in my home. The temperature in my corner of Maryland this morning was 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

I am wearing... lined trousers and a warm-ish faux twinset in various shades of grey and black. Also, gym shoes and socks instead of my year-round usual loafers over bare feet, as well as a large knitted scarf that I've kept on me even though I'm inside the school building. Today's complete ensemble also included gloves, which I NEVER wear (because you can't do anything gracefully in gloves, or at least I can't). Did I mention it was 10 degrees Fahrenheit in my corner of Maryland this morning?

I am creating... syllabi. I created them for the start of classes this week, and now I am revising them to account for canceled class sessions on both my campuses.

I am going... to see Randy Rainbow in D.C. in May. Just bought my ticket. Oddly, I could not persuade either of my sons to join me, though one or both are usually up for a live performance of any kind. Surely it can't be the gay thing, because their politics are even purer than mine.

(Yes, I re-read that sentence -- not sure how else to put it.)

I am reading... Mary Poppins Returns fan-fiction. It is mostly awful (because fan-fiction) but occasionally satisfying (because obsession).

I've been watching... the latest drop of episodes of my favorite Netflix series. I binged the entire new season of Grace and Frankie over three days, then consumed the second half of the final season of Kimmie Schmidt in two. Both were very satisfying (and each featured a very entertaining Sliding Doors-esque/alternative-universe episode). Also courtesy of Netflix, the fam. and I have been looking at that Michael Douglas-Alan Arkin show, The Kominsky Method. So far, it's good stuff, but our progress is slow (because the protocol in my house is that if you start a show together and everyone likes it, you don't watch ahead on your own).

And, yeah, Mary Poppins Returns at the cinema. Four times.

I've been listening to... the Mary Poppins Returns soundtrack, whose CD helps me avoid tear-inducing NPR stories about the state of the nation during my commute.

One of my favorite things... is my family. Am I not exceedingly lucky to be able to say that? Anyhow, I really like them.

I am looking forward to... Spring Break. Yeah, I know the semester just started, but (as usual) I'm planning a New York day trip for one of my break days, and I might even take advantage of the fact that my colleges' respective weeks off co-incide to make it an over-nighter.

My plans for the rest of the week... include working on a Sherlockian project and tidying some things at home. Maybe I will try folding my shirts the Marie Kondo way.

A quote for today... from Mary Poppins Returns: "When the world turns upside down, the best thing to do is turn right along with it."

Here is a song I am sharing with you... from the same source. "The Cover Is Not the Book" is a mostly non-plot-advancing production number performed by Mary Poppins & Jack (the amazing Emily Blunt & Lin-Manuel Miranda) when they & the kids visit a music hall in an animal-populated animated world embedded in a china bowl. Just pure fun.