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Covering a lot of bases

This week's Friday Five are inspired by the first five tracks on this album. That makes for a motley collection of topics, but I'll give it a go.

1. Where in Africa would you like to visit?
I didn't get as far as Africa during my traveling years, and the smart money says I am unlikely to get the opportunity now. However, I wouldn't refuse a trip to Egypt to see the Sphinx and the pyramids of Giza. Would anyone?

2. If you ruled the world, what would you forbid people to talk about in the company of strangers?
There are no topics I'd ban altogether, but there are certainly points of view I'd love to be able to censor! However, I don't think that's what's being asked here.

Put another way, and assuming I'm the "stranger" in this equation, I don't categorically object to conversations about politics, religion, sex, your vacation, your hobbies, or even your medical woes (esp. if well-told anecdotes are involved).

3. In what way do you tolerate (or enjoy) being used?
Hmmm. I don't mind (indeed, I'm quite chuffed) when people take for granted that I'll provide music for this or that event requiring live music (a thing that used to happen all the time at work and my former church, and that's beginning to happen at some Sherlockian events.) Even if it's inconvenient, I'd mind much worse *not* being considered for the gig.

4. When did you recently have an a-ha moment?
In August, the Man made the decision to move house -- going from living just a mile from us to living an hour or more away -- without even doing me the courtesy of a token consultation. Of course I wouldn't really have expected to have an actual say in the matter, but given that there were still a couple years remaining on raising our last kid, with the Man supposedly committed to being an involved dad (and me still working three jobs and really needing local parenting support), I think I was at least entitled to a conversation in which the decision to move was not presented as a fait accompli.

So, my a-ha moment. The light bulb didn't go on over my head immediately (I had to go through the shock and crying phases first), but at some point in the whole process (one which culminated in my giving up a night's sleep to help him pack up and get out of his apartment before a hard deadline), it dawned on me with amazing clarity (indeed, bolt-of-lightning-from-above clarity) that our relationship really was stick-a-fork-in-it done. It was like that other shoe finally dropping, virtually eight years to the day from his initially leaving our home. I had been waiting for such a moment -- a moment without which I knew I'd never really move on -- forever. It's what I hoped that year of therapy might do for me (and don't get me wrong; the therapy was not completely unhelpful). Turns out all that was required was a slice of inconsideration from the Man so colossal that even I couldn't miss it.

5. What's something you know about turtles?
Umm ... that they're not the same as tortoises? That is, I know very little about turtles. But here's the song "Turning Turtle" from Mary Poppins Returns.

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