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On the other hand ...

This week's Friday Five are about ... well, gosh, I'm not sure *how* to sum up the theme! In each question, you're being asked to look at something twice. The question-master titled the set "There and back," but I think that might be misleadingly hobbit-y. See what you think.

1. What's the worst thing about something (or someone) you like?
So, I really, really like this Sherlockian hobby that I'm into. For 25 years, beginning in adolescence, I was a solitary (but very informed) devotee of the Holmes stories and the culture I knew had been built up in celebration of them; then, when the turn of the millennium brought us home internet access, I joined a few online fan groups; finally, a couple years after the Man left me and I was in search of a pastime untainted by association with "us," I joined a real-life club. It has been as much fun as I might have hoped, and -- not even a decade into this phase of my fandom -- I'm a regular attendee at as many Holmes events as I can afford. Moreover, I know and am known by a lot of the Sherlockian Cool Kids ... and that brings me to the aspect of the community that I don't like so much. Oh, don't misunderstand: I'm crazy about the individual Cool Kids as people. I just think it's a shame that there's a designated echelon of them, because once you get close enough to feel the gravitational tug of that core group, it's hard to resist the temptation to compete with your fellow just-outsiders for a coveted invitation to the inside. As nice as it seems like it'd be to be tapped, I am still ashamed every time I catch myself acting calculatedly.

2. What's the best thing about something (or someone) you dislike?
He's extremely and unselfishly committed to the organization we are both a part of. And, as I make myself remember that, I like him better.

3. What's something best done in reverse order?
I suppose a lot of people would say, "Life is short; eat dessert first." However, I don't really want anything sweet before a meal, so it's not better for me.

Okay, how about this: for the classic "dinner and a movie" date, I think it's better to reverse the order and do "a movie, then dinner." It means eating a little late, but you'd definitely have something to talk about over the meal!

4. What's something you wish you could unsee or unknow?
I've made the "ooh, I'll never unsee that" remark before, but always humorously. There's nothing that really haunts my dreams on the visual front. But I believe I alluded in an earlier post to losing a little faith in a few of my heroes (two literary, one cinematic) after over-researching their lives and finding out about each of their little-known extra-marital affairs. All of said heroes were male, and all had children with their wives. In two of the cases, devotion to spouse and family was a big part of the man's public persona, while in the third case, the wife was ill and the "other woman" married. Go ahead, call me judgy for caring; perhaps I am. But it doesn't come from a place of naivete. I'm fully aware that I live in a world where not everyone shares my values (not to mention my worst triggers). I'm also aware that no one, myself included, is perfect. I guess it's just that these were people I'd already been hero-worshiping when I learned the things I learned, and I'm a girl who needs her heroes to be heroic. If I could just unknow the unfortunate info, I could still admire the respective dudes without the inconvenience of mental asterisks.

Maybe I should stop choosing only authors and artists as heroes ... or stop having heroes altogether?

5. What's the most recently released movie you've seen more than once?
Ant-Man and the Wasp. Number Three and I saw it in the theatre back in July; then Two, who had been too busy changing jobs and planning his wedding to have any fun over the summer, acquired the DVD and we all watched it together at home in November. Although I usually like a bit more space between re-watches of a thing, I found it no less enjoyable the second time.
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