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'Tis a puzzlement

That I've done this week's Friday Five must mean I have turned in this semester's grades. Hooray!

1. What are some pencil-and-paper puzzles you enjoy?
Midweek-level NYT crosswords are fun. For a Sunday edition, it's nice to have a collaborator.

2. What are some video (or computer or mobile app) puzzle games you’ve enjoyed?
I used to love Tetris, but the (now-defunct) version I played on our old computer so imprinted on my soul that other ones look alien to me. On my phone, the puzzliest thing I play is a word search game called Word Academy.

3. When did you last work on a jigsaw puzzle?
Over 15 years ago, I'll bet. The Man used to love to do one on New Years Eve.

4. What’s puzzling you right now?
Making a late-50s career switch. There has to be a way, but I can't figure how.

5. Who is the most enigmatic person you know?
The Man, I guess. I still don't understand why he did it or how he can live with himself. My new daughter-in-law is also hard to figure out. I'd like to be friends, but maybe that won't happen till they don't live with me and aren't (evidently) having to hold in constant frustration with my quirks and deficiencies. *sigh*