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Excuses, excuses

This week's Friday Five are all about excuses. My excuse for not putting up my answers on Friday is that the questions were not posted by the question-master until very late in the day. :-)

1. What was your excuse the last time you had to miss a social gathering?
Conflict with work, where in this case "work" is church, where I am the organist. I only get two Sundays off per year, so when an out-of-town (generally NYC) meeting or social (generally Sherlockian) that I would otherwise attend is scheduled for Sunday noon, I usually have to miss it. It has just happened this month, and it stings because we're talking about the semi-annual luncheon of the group I most enjoy meeting with.

2. What was your excuse the last time you arrived late to something?
The "something" was work, where in this case "work" is school, and I was late because of traffic. Thanks to smart phones, one can usually post something to Blackboard compelling the class to wait, and I did that.

3. What was someone else's excuse for recently inconveniencing you?
The new "third man" on my pub trivia team (aka my brother) forgot* to tell me he'd be out of town and couldn't play last week, so I didn't learn it until I happened to text him from the car (I wasn't driving) a half-hour before the game. Had I known sooner, I'd've looked for a sub, since Number Three Son hates to play as a duo. Luckily, we found a someone we knew at the pub, and our trio finished a respectable second. But I had to put up with an earful from Three.
* So, I guess "forgot" was the excuse. Or "too busy making travel arrangements to remember."

4. What’s a true explanation you wish you could have given (but didn’t) when you unintentionally inconvenienced someone else?
I got nothing. It's almost always traffic that messes me up, and if it's not, then the truer explanation is that I was too lazy or disorganized to leave my house on time. Why would I wish to confess that, ever?

5. What's something you wish you could be excused from right now?
I am posting this right before I leave for church, and, as I often feel on Sunday mornings, I wish I were financially secure enough not to need to be employed by my place of worship. I'm not saying that I don't want to provide music for worship on this particular day (I did it week after week as a volunteer for 30 years at my old church, so it's obviously something I like doing), but there are also a congregational meeting and a Christmas pageant rehearsal* scheduled for right after today's service that will eat my afternoon, and as an employee I'm not sure how it would be perceived if I just excused myself from those two things. Nevertheless, I have an adolescent kid still at home who will want lunch, a mile-high stack of papers that I ought to grade, and even a little housework that needs seeing to, so I am going to try.
* that I am not in charge of

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