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In case you're curious

This week's Friday Five is a miscellaneous group of things the question-master would like to know. Read on to see whether you do, as well.

1. What is the story behind one of your scars?
My most interesting visible scar was always my upper-left-arm smallpox vaccination, but age and (I'm sure) weight gain have taken their toll on the quality of my skin to the extent that the circular souvenir of those disease-preventing scratches is no longer discernible (and the younger generation now has to take it on faith that everyone used to sport such a badge). Of much more recent vintage is a very discernible, not-too-thick-but-still-kinda-ugly bikini-line scar that no one but me & a doctor will ever have to see again; it's attributable to my third Caesarean section, and its annoying asymmetry is undoubtedly owed to the fact that it overwrites the scars of two nearly identical operations that came before.

2. What's an example of your being pretty much like everyone else?
I love pizza and sitcoms and superhero movies and the Beatles (which is four examples, but I'll bet a lot of people would give a list in response to a question like this ... which makes five examples!).

3. What's an example of your being pretty much unlike everyone else?
I make my living doing philosophy. This distinguishes me from everyone but the five other philosophy teachers, and I'd say it distinguishes me pretty hard.

My music preferences -- for opera, 30s jazz, and other uncommercial genres -- are also a bit on the uncommon side, though I'd hardly say they rise to the level of "unlike everyone else."

Oh, and I won't pay for things using my phone, which I believe is only common sense and, therefore, ought to be common ... yet I'm not sure I personally know a smartphone-owning person who's a fellow holdout.

4. Of websites you look at daily (or almost daily), which have you been paying attention to longest?
I'm thinking it must be either Kevin and Kell or General Protection Fault. They're webcomics that have been online since the end of the last millenium, and I feel like I've been faithfully following both since the start of this one. I was also big into Terry Teachout's About Last Night -- a New York-based arts-and-culture blog -- in those days, and I still read it, but not nearly as regularly.

5. What’s something you wish a smartphone was capable of?
Holding a charge for longer than a day!!!

Otherwise, I cannot think of a thing, except maybe more and better voice recognition (for texting in the car). Mine already does more than I need it to do (like track my every move).
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