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September songs

This week's Friday Five are inspired by "September" in song lyrics. Ready?

1. (Earth, Wind & Fire) Why are you dancing in September?
My son is getting married, and there will be actual dancing at the reception.

2. (Neil Diamond) September morning still can make you feel what way?
Like a wistful schoolchild, wishing that summer didn't have to end. Of course, as a teacher, I am in the exact same position as that schoolchild, except that as a grown-up you'd think I'd've come to terms with it a little better. :-)

3. (Green Day) What are some things you have to endure until September ends?
Wedding preparations, and also being nagged by Number Two Son to get the house in 100% perfect, spotless order before his True Love comes to live here. I have made a LOT of progress toward getting rid of 30 years' worth of hoarded junk, but it may still be a work in progress when she joins us.

4. (Kool & the Gang) What place or thing is your September love?
Are you just asking for a September-y thing (you know, like pumpkin spice lattes or the start of a symphony season or some place with especially wonderful autumn leaves) that I love? Or am I supposed to make like the song you've alluded to (a very nice song, IMO) and name some former September love that is now gone from my life?

On second thought, let's not do that second thing, since my lost love is always going to be the Man, and how many times do I need to share that in the blog? (Oops; I did it again.) Plus, if I'm honest, he was technically more of an October love (in terms of our whirlwind courtship back in '88).

Okay, then, just a regular September place or thing I love. May I be shallow and say the start of the Fall TV season? I've always looked hugely forward to my favorite shows emerging from summer hibernation with new episodes, and while cable and streaming and so on *are* certainly changing the rhythm of the TV year, I am still very attached to traditional September-to-May network programming.

5. (Willie Nelson) What is your September song for the rest of the month?
Wait; are we calling "September Song" a Willie Nelson song? His version is good, I'll admit, but I dunno. Have you compared Walter Huston (the original), Jimmy Durante, Nat King Cole, Andy Williams, or Eddie Albert (don't knock till you've tried!)? Those just scratch the surface.

Now, then; my song for the rest of the month. Hmm... after all that, I think it might just be "September Song"! But I have also been working a lot with Billy Joel's "She's Always a Woman" (turning it into a Sherlockian parody), so it's right up there in the play list.
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