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Lather, rinse, ...

This week's Friday Five is called "Repeat," and it asks about things that recur in life. As usual, I'm late with my answers.

1. What's something you are repeatedly asked to prove?
Competence, at work, to people who don't fully know what counts for competence in my tiny area of expertise. I'm getting a little sick of it.

2. What's an album you can listen to on endless repeat?
Nilsson Sings Newman. Also, the Hamilton soundtrack. And any of my Palast Orchester mixtapes. And, I think, the Inside Llewyn Davis soundtrack.

All good music, but no serious music. Interesting.

3. What's a story you’ve told several times?
The one about the time I was Secretary of the Oxford University C.S. Lewis Society, and I received in my college mailbox a fat letter that had been mailed to "C.S. Lewis, Oxford University" by someone who didn't know he was dead (it was 1986) and who, according to Walter Hooper (to whom I very responsibly gave it to open), was proposing marriage.

4. What's something you always order at a certain restaurant?
Eggplant caprese at Italian Sensation. I had it yesterday. It's very thin eggplant slices prepared as if for eggplant parm, then served at room temperature over a very thin layer of marinara, topped by sliced fresh tomatoes and mozzarella (as on a caprese salad), drizzled with balsamic, and garnished with fresh basil.

5. In what way do you hope this weekend will be exactly like last?
My trivia team wins Sunday's match. We usually place, but last Sunday we came top.
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