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Opposite Day (Foodie Edition)

I've been busy, but I'm back for a Friday Five. Today's questions ask how I like my meals when I'm feeling contrary.

Ready? Bon appétit!

1. What food, normally eaten cooked, do you prefer uncooked?
Too easy: cookie dough. Brownie batter is also good.

2. What food, normally eaten uncooked, do you prefer cooked?
I can't answer in a way that precisely mirrors my first response. That is, I can think of some foods that are commonly served raw but that I like better cooked; however, they are foods which are also commonly served cooked. What are they? Why, cruciferous vegetables. I can't stand raw broccoli or cauliflower, so don't even bother putting them out with the other crudités & dips if I'm your only guest. Cooked, however, I can take them just fine.

3. What food, normally eaten cold, do you prefer hot?
I think most people eat pudding cold, but I only like it warm. Obviously, this means I don't buy it ready-made, and it also rules out instant pudding (but that's no loss: it's so grainy and fake-tasting!). I cook it (either from scratch or from a cook-and-serve packet), spoon out my portion and let it cool just to the point where it doesn't burn the tongue, then eat. Heaven.

Of course, this would not be very practical if I were the only one at home who ate pudding, but in fact the boys like it (cold), so I'm never forced to down a whole batch or waste vast quantities.

Also, though you didn't ask, when I let my dish cool, I allow a skin to form, because that is the best part of pudding (another reason why ready-made and instant pudding just don't cut it). The boys, however, insist on my covering the surface of theirs so that it is all smooth and boring.

4. What food, normally eaten hot, do you prefer cold?
I'm not 100% sure about PREFER, but I LOVE me some cold pizza.

5. What are your favorite dinner meals to have for breakfast and breakfast meals to have for dinner?
  • Dinner for b'fast? Pizza (cold), but I will eat any leftover that doesn't involve ground beef (which I just can't stomach early in the day, esp. not cold, as a b'fast leftover is likely to be consumed).
  • B'fast for dinner? Eggs over easy, with toast. Also, FYI, breakfast for dinner just might be my favorite, favorite thing of all the food things there are. And you cannot imagine how much that is saying, because food & me, we have some serious history.
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