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Why, I oughta--

Someone's a little punchy over at the Friday Five this week. Here are my answers to his fistful of questions.


1. When did you last punch someone? Alternate question: When did someone last punch you?
You're kidding, right? As a civilized human who has been female all her life, my answers to those questions are "never" and "never," respectively.

2. How many of those frequent (whatever) stampcards/punchcards do you have, and which are you most likely to fill and redeem?
I have only one that I use at all, and it's for a local coffee place called (wait for it...) Coffee Coffee. I go in 3-4 times a month. Every 10th cup of coffee is free, so I get 4-5 free ones a year.

3. When have you had a really good fruit punch?
Possibly never, or maybe it was just so long ago that I've forgotten. Or if sangria counts, then maybe more recently.

4. What are your thoughts on boxing?
I think it's irredeemably bad. The worst. And I thought this way before we knew as much as we know now about the long-term damage it inflicts on the practitioners (although, come on, didn't we always know?). Yeah, I'm aware that it's ancient and has a venerable history and is a vicarious outlet for the primal urges we sublimate to make civilization possible, blah, blah. blah ... And, sure, I've heard the "boxing as a path out of poverty" stories. But in the end, it's people hurting each other for gain, while others cheer. Humanity should be better than that.

(And yes, I'm looking at you, too, gridiron football.)

The fact that there is a long tradition of intellectual, literary types (men, all men) in love with and inspired by the sport (sorry; "sport") utterly baffles me (and strikes me as weirdly classist). It's the least appealing of the jumble of skills and interests that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle gave to my beloved Sherlock Holmes, and I applaud the CBS show Elementary for this season's plotline in which Holmes is suffering from Post-concussion Syndrome, attributable in part to his boxing hobby.

So could I possibly be such a pill that I've never even enjoyed a Rocky movie? Of course not. But it would be worth not having Rocky movies if it meant we didn't have boxing.

5. When do you usually punch in and punch out?
The only time I literally did this was when I worked as a waitress right out of high school -- oh, and also whenever I would help my dad with his semi-annual auto parts department inventories. Later, during those couple years right out of college when I worked in an office, we *signed* in and out, but it was a government flextime deal; you worked 8.5 hours from whenever you got in, and there was a generous arrival-time window. As I recall, I liked to get to work at 7:15-ish.

Now I teach, and my practice is to arrive on the campus du jour about a half-hour or so before my first class, which (depending on the school) begins at 8 or 9 a.m. At College no. 1, this gives me time to stop for a coffee in the cafeteria on my way to the classroom; at College no. 2, it's the soda machine for a Diet Dr. Pepper. I leave campus immediately after my final class, which puts me on the road starting at anywhere between 1:30 and 3:30 p.m., depending on the day. That sounds early, but on three of those days, remember, I'm not headed straight home: I also have a church job!

(Okay, if you're a teacher, you won't have judged me for any of the above, but I feel the need to further explain to civilians: as an adjunct faculty member, I literally don't get paid to stay in one place all day. And I spend a couple hours at home most nights grading papers or working on course materials, so it does add up in the end.)
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