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This week's Friday Five want to know what sorts of things get my goat. Here are a few.


1. What's one of your language-related (that is, something people say or write) pet peeves?
Just one? Really? You only want *one*? All right: the use of "comprise" for "compose" is quite possibly at the top of my personal list of word crimes. "Is comprised of" = fingernails on a blackboard.

2. What's one of your dining-out-related pet peeves?
I love dining out, and I have a high tolerance for restaurant quirks. This may be because my first job was waitressing; I'm not sure. Hmmm ... My *son* would say that his pet peeve is the automatic pickle spear that shows up, unasked for, on a plate of casual fare, sharing its juice with the fries and the sandwich bun. He hates this so much, in fact, that he has taken to telling wait staff that he has a pickle allergy! I, however, like dill pickles, so the presumption inherent in using such a distinctively-flavored, leaky object as a garnish doesn't bother me personally.

Wait -- I've got it. Don't you just hate it -- I know *I* do -- when you go out to breakfast and order toast, and it comes to the table unbuttered and accompanied by a pile of those plastic-packaged pats of real butter, all fresh from the fridge and hard as a rock? I mean, by the time you open one of the butters, the toast is at room temperature, and then what -- you're supposed to dig it to bits with a chunk of unspreadable butter on your knife?

Oh, yeah, I really hate that.

3. What's one of your technology-related pet peeves?
Auto-correct/auto-complete, on any platform. It thinks it knows what I want to say, but it doesn't.

4. What's one of your television-watching pet peeves?
Anyone talking while the characters are talking. I'm not saying there has to be dead silence -- I react to things audibly, and even make my own scattered comments and predictions during a show. But my parents, and occasionally my son, will often try to *converse* during a show, so that I actually miss lines of dialogue -- and I get viscerally upset. Either we're watching the show, or we're not, people.

5. What's something you do that you know peeves others?
Why, I am perfect.

Okay, I am, compared to some people, a timid driver. None of my sons likes riding with me, and I know the Man didn't, either. Their loss.
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