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Today's Friday Five are all about trash, and I am all kinds of curious as to what might have prompted the question-master, Sir scrivener, to propose such a topic. As you'll soon see, I don't have any profound wisdom where refuse is concerned, but I'll play anyway.

First, however, I would like to share my favorite song on the subject. It is sung by one of my favorite Muppets, and it was written just for him.

1. What's something you unintentionally threw away?
I believe that would be one of the two ignition keys that came with my current car! I bought it on Labor Day of 2011, and the last time I had both of the keys for it was on Christmas Eve of that same year. As was our family's time-honored practice, I had been hiding some of the Boy's presents in the trunk, and after he was asleep, I went out and used a key to open the hatchback and fetch them. By mid-morning Christmas Day (i.e., the next time I had to go out), that key was nowhere to be found! I wasn't worried; I simply retrieved the spare and used it to drive to my brother's for the family celebration, figuring I'd look harder for Key Number One when I got home. But the search, which ended up lasting for days, was fruitless, and I eventually had to assume that the key had gotten scooped up with discarded Christmas wrapping and ended up in the trash. Needless to say, I have been very careful with the remaining one!

2. What disgusting memory of garbage do you have?
Is this as opposed to all my other, happy and un-gross memories of garbage? Umm ... Okay, here's some TMI. When my oldest sons were little, despite our being an environmentally-conscious (or should that be conscientious?) family in every other way, we used disposable diapers. The boys were two years apart in age, and neither was an early trainer. That made for a lot of stinky-gross bags of garbage, and I still feel vaguely guilty about it.

3. How are you about deleting emails?
I'm good now, but I didn't used to be, so I have a miserable backlog to sort through ... some day.

4. What do you treasure that someone else considers trash?
I'm a paper hoarder who would like to be a recovering paper hoarder, and much of what I keep is stuff that even *I* don't treasure in a sentimental way! For example, I have a hard time throwing out my kids' old Honor Roll certificates, even though (1) I know the boys themselves don't care about them, and (2) I know that having them does not enhance my life at all. Maybe it's because I think a good mom *should* value such childhood souvenirs more?

5. What's the litter like in your neighborhood?
My very undistinguished, middle-class, suburban-ish neighborhood is pretty well maintained. People are responsible about their garbage, and we pay a community association (ugh!) to keep the common areas nice.
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