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Foodie Five

It's a food-related Friday Five this week. These are always distressingly easy to answer.

Let's eat!

1. What's the best layered food?
Lasagna! This answer came immediately to mind, followed by the question, "What other 'layered foods' are there?" Seriously, what other layered foods exist?

Okay, I just asked Number Three Son. "Layer cake," he responded, as speedily as my mind had leapt to Garfield's favorite dish.

2. What's the best rolled food?
Although I also love wraps and burritos, I'm gonna say spring rolls. And, of those, Philippine-style lumpia might be my very favorite. One of my college roommates (who was from the Philippines) used to make them for us.

3. What's the most recent cuisine you've tried for the first time from an ethnicity not your own?
Wow. A few years ago -- maybe as many as five!! -- I went to a well-known Afghan restaurant in Baltimore and had a lovely meal that I have every reason to believe was, though obviously spiffy and restaurant-y, representative of the advertised culture. I guess I don't try whole new cuisines that often, though, because I can't think of a more recent episode.

Okay, I did eat in a stylized soul food place more recently, but I did not choose adventurously from the menu, and the preparations were all very, umm, user-friendly. I'd feel like a cheater counting that.

Cuisines of a heritage other than mine that I routinely eat some version of: Indian, Chinese, Thai, Tex-Mex. But it's quite possible that most of what I consume in those categories is also too, er, user-friendly to count.

Cuisines of my own heritage that I've eaten very authentic versions of (both in the mother country and here in the U.S.): Italian and Scottish (but -- as per my answer to Question 4 below -- I hate organs, so that keeps me from having the full experience in the latter case).

4. What's a food that scares you?
Organs. Shiny, glistening, bloody. Ew. Even when cooked, they look like something that started out shiny, glistening, and bloody. Did I say, "ew"?

5. What's something you eat solely because it's good for you?
I simply will not eat anything I don't like -- not even for nutrition's sake. I *used* to do this: when in my 20s and on some strict diet that told you exactly what to have, I'd dutifully down the requisite (*shudder*) grapefruit half for breakfast. But now, no. Except when politeness dictates (or when sampling something brand new), my middle-aged self will not ingest a single calorie that isn't attached to food of a type that I already know pleases my taste buds. Luckily, I like enough veggies that I can rotate among them to get my daily 3-5 servings. Unfortunately, few of my favorites are cruciferous.

To invert the question, there are *lots* of things I like but never eat anymore solely because they are bad for me. (See Question 1 above...)