March 13th, 2021


Twelve months later...

This week's Friday Five is a "taking stock of quarantine" question set. A year ago, I was one of the naive people, confident that the experts would have everything sorted in a few months. Twelve months down the road, I haven't lost my faith in expertise, but I have been reminded of how many other things (besides the hard work of smart people) are involved in solving problems.

I have not had a terrible quarantine.* Now, that's not to say that I've enjoyed it, but I must admit that COVID hasn't deprived me of too many desirable things that I wasn't already being deprived of. My social life and travel opportunities were already close to nil, and I hadn't sung in my beloved community chorus for some years. Okay, thanks to the virus I did have to give up attending concerts and plays, which stung hard (some of the tickets were already bought!); and the church music activities I normally supervise were radically curtailed. Also, my day job suddenly got three times harder to do, which is not what one expects more than 30 years into a career. On the other hand, my Sherlock Holmes pals embraced online meetings with gusto, so that remained a fun distraction. And, most importantly -- family being my main thing -- my closest family members were all in my bubble.

* Yes, my mom died this year, but I am not charging that to COVID.

But maybe I should just answer the questions.

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