June 22nd, 2018

wine and roses


I hate to talk in stereotypes, but the topic of this week's Friday Five, "Gear," strikes me as more of a "guy thing" than a "girl thing," at least for people of my generation. Or, okay, maybe it's simply an individual thing, but the facts are (1) I am not at all into tools and gear and doo-dads in themselves. And (2) because my erstwhile spouse is the 180-degree opposite, when we were together I got decades' worth of daily reinforcement of the already-culturally-induced belief that this is a gender-associated trait. (The '90s sitcom Home Improvement really resonated in this house.) Don't get me wrong: I'm sure you could make a workshop or factory tour interesting to me, but I'd only covet the tools if I decided I really wanted to produce whatever it is that they are used to make. And even then, all things equal, I'd be content to rent or lease workshop space and the use of someone else's tools.

All that said, I actually had answers for this week's questions, so if you're ready, gear up and read on. Collapse )