March 10th, 2018


A matter of taste

Today's Friday Five ask...

1. What's something you enjoy that contains garlic?
Pesto sauce. I also like me some garlic bread -- or at least I used to, back when I ate bread.

2. What's something you enjoy that contains ginger?
Gingerbread was a favorite in my carbohydrate-soaked younger days. But I like ginger in Chinese stir-fries, too.

Not a fan of gingersnaps or ginger ale, though.

3. What's something you enjoy that contains cloves?
Can I say Clove chewing gum? It's off the market now, but I used to like it back when you could buy it.

The only recipe I make that uses cloves is Hungarian Goulash. We're talking a very simple version with just beef, onions, broth, paprika, pepper, bay leaf, and the cloves, plus flour to thicken and a little oil in which to saute the onions and brown the beef cubes. [Note the utter absence of tomato.] It was the Man's family's recipe and became mine, too. The older I get, the more cloves I allow myself to add to the pot (it was originally three, but I'm up to twelve), so I guess I like them!

4. What's something you enjoy that contains cinnamon?
Apple pie (crumble, crisp, cobbler, etc. -- basically, anything apple. I drop a cinnamon stick in my apple cider, even). And there was a time (alluded to twice above) when I would not say no to cinnamon toast, either.

5. What's something you enjoy that contains celery?
Stuffing, which is (alas) still one of my most favoritest things, even now that I have supposedly turned over a new dietary leaf. But, hey, when I'm trying to behave, you can just give me a rib of celery to eat by itself. I actually enjoy it, even without peanut butter or a savory dip.