January 4th, 2018


New Year's Meme 2017

[She lives! Yes, here's a post from me, for the one or two readers I might have left, after more than two months of silence. I'm not sure why I disappeared -- I mean, yes, I was as busy as ever, but that never stops me unless I let it. I'm thinking that maybe therapy has replaced blogging as my emotional outlet, at least for the time being. Still, I can't *not* do a New Year's meme, right?]

So here it is -- a few days late! -- the end-of-2017 edition of that New Year's meme that I've been filling out every year for longer than I can prove (some posts having disappeared in the Purge of Aught-ten). Over the years, I've added one or two prompts to the question set, and I've deleted others for which I could never, ever think of an answer); however, this year I have no new changes to report.

My answers, of course, are new, or at least freshly drafted. Collapse )