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Condimentary, my dear Watson

This week's Friday Five have the fun title Condimentary, my dear Watson and, while they don't invite me to talk about actual condiments (of which I am the Queen), the questions at least cutely employ the theme.

Curious? Read on!

1. What do you expect to do syrup-titiously in the coming weeks?
I have no definite plans to do anything clandestine or sneaky in the next few weeks. Lurking in the corner of my mind, however, is the tiniest hint of a scheme to "call in sick" to work on a particular date in late October so I can slip away a day earlier than scheduled and join some friends for the extended version of a long weekend outing in which I am already slated to take part. Right now, I am only at the fantasizing stage of this barely-formed notion. And I have successful nipped many a naughty idea in the bud during this stage, so we'll see.

(I *would* take a personal day or a vacation day, if I had any. Since I don't, and since I am never sick ...)

2. What did you ketchup on this week, or ketchup with?
I am almost caught up on grading tests, which is no mean feat, since I was also recovering from an ear infection all week.

(Okay, I guess the foregoing indicates that I *do* get sick, but -- as usual -- this most recent malady wasn't enough to cause me to miss work.)

3. What was the occasion the last time you enjoyed dressing up?
In fancy-schmantzy clothes? Because I don't do cosplay or even Halloween, so it's dress-up or nothing. And I'm gonna say ... it was my brother's wedding, almost exactly a year ago. I wore the mother-of-the-bride dress I'd bought for Two's wedding almost exactly two years before that, and I looked very good, if I say it myself.

The garment in question is a burgundy cocktail-party-type dress that I've also worn to a few of my nicer Sherlockian dinners (because when you buy a $120 dress, you find excuses to put it on).

4. What television series did you most recently watch with great relish?
The boy and I just finished Marvel Studios' animated multiverse saga What If...? on Disney+. We'd been enjoying watching it together on weekends; then, I got ahead when he started spending more time on campus. Annoyed to discover my betrayal when he arrived home for Fall Break last night, the boy let me atone by making him a pizza while he caught up. We then watched the final two episodes together, and what a surprisingly good (and just surprising, period) finish it was!

The pizza was also good.

5. When did someone most recently shoyu how to do something?
I've been shown -- multiple times this semester! -- how to re-set the display on the classroom computer monitor at work when a previous user inconsiderately leaves it in "split screen" mode (under which condition it is nearly impossible to send one's desktop to the projector and show a class the PowerPoint slides visible to oneself on said desktop). While there is a kludgy work-around that can be used when a person finds herself in this situation, it requires more finesse than I am sometimes able to muster, so the better option is to completely reset things ... if only I wouldn't keep forgetting how. I will have to be shown again.

P.S. I just bought a soy sauce labeled "shoyu" (and "double fermented") for the first time the other day at the grocery store.
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