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Old hat

This week's Friday Five ask one to rate herself on the cliché scale. My answers are so (unusually) succinct that I hardly see the need to hide them behind a cut tag.

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On Edge

This week's Friday Five are entitled "On the Edge of Town." Is this a reference to some classic rock song? I Googled it, and the only result I got was something by Springsteen that doesn't mention pall-bearers or pill bottles. But you can see why I'd ask, right?

("Pall-bearers and pill bottles" sounds like something from a Lewis Carroll nonsense poem -- like "cabbages and kings.")

Anyhow, to skate near my edgy answers, click!Collapse )

I didn't expect this

Today's Friday Five offers the "Spanish Inquisition" questions from Sarah Spain's podcast "That's What She Said" (ESPN.com). There are eight of them, which translates to 60% more fun!

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Yesterday was the Ides of March, and the Friday Five were appropriately themed. What, five questions about stabbing and/or betrayal? No; instead, the good questioner riffed on the theme of "Beware." I still managed to make one of my answers about betrayal, however.

Curious? Read on ...Collapse )

Third degree

This week's Friday Five are some finger-wagging, parental-interrogation-style questions. I have decided to look the imaginary questioner straight in the eye and fire back my answers. Ready?

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Magic to do

This week's Friday Five are inspired by Harry Potter, whose fictional world I know very little about. My kids and erstwhile spouse loved the books, but I couldn't get into them (at the risk of arousing ire, I'll say it again: I acknowledge JKR's skills as a world-builder, but her writing style leaves me cold). However, I've seen a few of the films, absorbed other plot points from the general culture, read some half-decent fanfiction, and even enjoyed the Universal Studios Potter-themed park attractions, so I guess I'll give this a go (plus, the good scrivener explains all his references in the questions).

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Yesterday's Friday Five are a mixed bag of "icebreaker"-type questions of the sort that the estimable scrivener (FF question-master and occasional commenter here) uses to get to know co-workers and friends.

Want to get to know me better? Then, here goes. Click!Collapse )

Apropos nothing, I saw Mary Poppins Returns at the cinema again today. That makes five times, and I'd go again in a week if it were still playing somewhere. What is wrong with me?

Salt Fat Acid Heat

Yesterday's Friday Five are on the theme of "Salt Fat Acid Heat," a thing I've actually heard of (have leafed through the book & seen two episodes of the TV show).

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The Friday Five were not too taxing today. Here are my answers.

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The Distracted Woman's Daybook (53)

Don't think I've done a Daybook since October.

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"Poetry and Hums aren't things which you get, they're things which get you. And all you can do is go where they can find you." -- Winnie the Pooh (A.A. Milne)

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