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Motley Five

Today's Friday Five are a miscellaneous bunch. As usual, I found some of the questions more challenging than others.

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Homecoming Queen

Did anyone else see the recent movie Spider-Man: Homecoming? Besides being the first Spiderman flick to integrate the Spidey story into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the movie featured the youngest-reading Spidey to date (yeah, I know the actor is actually older than high-school-aged, but you really couldn't tell). This week's Friday Five were inspired by the film and its setting, including the high school milieu of the web-slinging nerd-boy.

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Scattergories time!

This week's Friday Five continues what's become an annual tradition for the meme: Scattergories!

Every so often -- okay, once a year beginning in 2012, plus once back in 2009 -- the Friday Five plays Scattergories. I didn't really start Five-ing till 2015, so when I did that year's set, I also included the ones from '09 and '12-'14, for a mega-edition of the game (25 questions on one letter!) that you are welcome to read here if you've nothing better to do.

For those who've never played Scattergories (or seen the TV game show version, or been tagged for one of the many Facebook meme incarnations), the object is to answer a set of random-ish questions under the constraint that all answers begin with the same designated letter. Facebook versions usually assign you "the last letter of your first name" or "first letter of your last name"; in the board game, one rolls a 26-sided die. For the Friday Five version, this random letter generator (set sequence length to "1") will name you your poison.

Somehow, after bingeing the entire archive the year before, I managed not to find time to do 2016's Scattergories when it came up, so I am appending those questions to today's, for a "Friday Ten." Ready?

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Monster Mash-up

This week, it's a monster-themed Friday Five. Watch me subvert the intention of each question!

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And so I conclude the book meme. Click for Part One or Part Two if you need to catch up; otherwise it's on to ...

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I started this book meme here with the 12 questions of Part One. Here are the next 12, for your reading, er, pleasure.

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Swiped from Lazygal, whom I first met almost 20 years ago at an online reading community site called TheReadersVine (one of the old CyberSites communities). She got it from Terry Teachout, who posted his answers two years ago under the above title and identifies the source of the meme as Hannah Gersen. Ms. Gersen created the set, she says, along the lines of Arthur Aron's 36 questions designed to foster intimacy (much discussed in NYT blogs), though she doesn't guarantee that two readers who complete the exercise together will necessarily end by falling into each other's arms. Others who've posted their answers online include Karigee and Patrick Kurp (of Anecdotal Evidence).

This meme is lengthy, but that is really because I am not good at concise answers. (And why should I bother to be? I am mostly writing this for myself, and I've reached the stage where I find it useful to rehearse some of my memories in detail.) There are three sections' worth of questions, so I guess I'll split this into three posts.

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Physically Phtttttt

This week's Friday Five were definitely not assembled with someone like me in mind. Entitled "Let's Get Physical," the set gets a little sport-y, and thus -- since I never do -- my answers are shorter and less interesting than usual.

That said, you're welcome to have a look at them anyhow. Just click!Collapse )

Never Let You Down

I'm going to try another "Saturday Nine." Ready? This week's questions are inspired by the song "Never Let You Down," by a group called Fastball. Never having heard of them, I went here to listen to the tune, and ... it's cute! Fun video, too. I'll embed it at the end of this post. Meanwhile ...

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Coffee & Contemplation

Time for the Friday Five! I have worked out that this week's question set is inspired by the TV show Stranger Things, which I have never, ever seen. Because of my lack of insider knowledge, I fear that I might be misinterpreting these questions by taking them straightforwardly literally, but what else is a girl to do?

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"Poetry and Hums aren't things which you get, they're things which get you. And all you can do is go where they can find you." -- Winnie the Pooh (A.A. Milne)

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