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Making the grade

This week's Friday Five asked me to fill out a little report card on my recent behavior. Luckily, the categories were very easy ones to excel in: there was nothing about how charitable I was, or whether I did anything intellectually stimulating, or whether I exercised. Here's what was asked instead:


1. What grade do you give yourself this week for comportment?
This was a pretty good week, but I can think of a couple times I might have behaved better. Once was when Number Three Son gave me grief about going to school on Tuesday morning; I'm afraid I gave him some grief in return. Of course, he deserved it, and I *was* provoked. And we're good now. But I'm glad no one was taking video of our exchange. Let's say minus 10 points for that incident.

My other less-than-perfect moments occurred Thursday evening during Praise Band practice at church. I got somewhat impatient with the proceedings, which were lengthy and hampered by a lack of musical expertise at the top. I'm happy to report that most of my impatience was *not* translated into unbecoming behavior. Still, I am taking off a couple points for one or two heavy sighs and a little rolling of eyes when I thought people weren't looking.

2. What grade do you give yourself this week for cooperation?
I'm a co-operator by nature, so getting along (or going along) with the group isn't terribly hard. I dissented in my heart on quite a number of things at that Praise Band practice, but as I'm not the boss anymore, I kept almost all of them to myself.

3. What grade do you give yourself this week for self-control?
As I just said, I suppressed the majority of my thoughts at that Praise Team rehearsal. Also, I did very well on Week One of Weight Watchers, which required curbing many impulses. I only lost control with the Boy that one morning.

4. What grade do you give yourself this week for punctuality?
I was either early or exactly on time to every single one of my appointments and regular obligations -- and mostly early.

5. What grade do you give yourself this week for congeniality?
I am nice to my friends and associates, but (1) I'm too shy to be aggressively nice to people outside of my immediate circle, and (2) "being nice" is a pretty low standard for overall congeniality, isn't it? I mean, I didn't exactly extend any hospitality this week, nor did I go out of my way to spread cheer by performing random acts of kindness.

I do think that my classroom persona was very upbeat (the semester is still young), but, again, that's just being nice to my associates.