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Or wouldja rather be a ...?

The Friday Five I missed last week was Chinese zodiac-themed. This is something I know little about. I believe, based on my birth year, that I am an Ox, and the back of the menu at the Chinese restaurant always assured me that the Ox is compatible with the Rooster (the Man's sign). Based on that, I am disinclined to put much stock in the whole thing. ;-) Still, I'll answer the questions.

Here goes.

1. In what ways are you like an ox?
I have a large, ungainly body. Also, I'm kinda stubborn -- oh, wait; that's mules. What are oxen said to be, proverbially speaking? It's "dumb," isn't it? Well, I definitely don't think I'm that.

2. In what ways are you like a rabbit?
Ummm ... fertility? Okay, I only have three offspring, but I had them all when I was over 30, and one when I was 40, in a year when same-aged friends of mine could not get pregnant, though trying. I can't think of any other ways -- I'm certainly not fast, or much of a jumper.

3. In what ways are you like a snake?
In no way that I can think of. I'm not scaly or slithery or slinky, nor am I fanged or poisonous or capable of swallowing prey whole (also, I have no no prey). To go for the full-on metaphorical, I'm not a tempter (à la Genesis) or a faker/opportunist (à la "snake in the grass"), and I haven't proved very good at shedding my old skin.

4. In what ways are you like a goat?
Again, I'm coming up a little dry here, but maybe I qualify in the "scapegoat" sense. Without saying that I think my life is necessarily hard compared to a lot of other people's, I do feel as if life often makes me pay maximal penalties for bad choices, hapless and un-malicious though those choices be. I'm the cautionary tale; the one who's made an example of -- the "good girl" who nevertheless gets the citation rather than the warning.

(No, I can't be more specific. There are some things I never talk about, even on an anonymous blog read by half a dozen people.)

5. In what ways are you like a rooster?
I wake up at dawn.