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Another Friday Five

So, I started another Friday Five yesterday. Took me a day to finish, but here you go. The theme is "How do you do that?"

1. When you draw a five-pointed star, which point do you begin with, and where do you go from there?
The picture below tells the story:

five-pointed star

2. On a typical day, in what order do you put your clothes on?
Ummm ... Whether we're talking undergarments or outer ones, the order is bottoms first, then tops. Shoes are last.

3. When packing for an overnighter, what are you likely to pack too much of?
I bring way more undies than I will need. The one time I fail to do that, I know I will need them.

4. How particular are you with laundry chores?
I'm not sure I fully understand this question. I mean, I definitely do laundry, though I will confess that I try to put it off for as long as possible, leaving me with multiple loads to do whenever the time comes. I even use a proper washing machine, rather than beating the clothes with rocks along the river bank, and I tumble dry all my laundry on low heat using the dryer's "permanent press" setting. Umm, I always use the recommended amount of a name-brand detergent (no-fragrance) and fabric softener (low-fragrance). No dryer sheets. Oh, and while I always pre-treat potentially worrisome stains with some version of "Spray-n-Wash," I never pre-soak or do a pre-wash. If the stain doesn't look gone after one regular washing, I pre-treat the still-wet garment again and throw it in with the next washer load.

Okay, I guess the following is the part that separates the truly particular people from the rest, and at this part I definitely fail. I do not sort whites from colors, nor do I separate delicates from other stuff. Instead, all my loads are mixed, and I wash everything for the same amount of time on the same setting (gentle cycle, 8 min., warm wash, cool rinse).

Here's the thing: most of my laundry care is applied when I buy clothes. I choose only easy-care fabrics in the first place!

5. How are your bookshelves organized?
Ooh, I know I have answered this question in the journal before, for at least two other memes. here's the longer version, copied & pasted for your enjoyment:

My books (the ones that are on bookcases, that is) are grouped first by area of interest, and then, within that, by author. Areas of interest are not sequenced alphabetically, but by similarity (where there is any -- I guess we all have those odd interests that aren't like any of the others, right?). In the same way, authors within each area are positioned not in alphabetical order, but by similarity. If I have an author who is substantially represented in two areas, then those subject areas are positioned adjacently and that author becomes the "flow-between" (e.g., C.S. Lewis is the last in my British Fantasists section and first in my Popular Theology section; Guareschi is last of the humorists and first of the Italians). Yes, I have to make compromises, but I suspect no system would suit me better.

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